The Trustees' long-term vision and objectives for the Scheme

It's our role to make sure your BA pension scheme is managed in the best way for you, our members. Our vision and strategy are key to this. We want to pay the right benefits to the right people at the right time and we’ve developed objectives to help deliver this:

Category Objective
Funding, Investment and Risk The Scheme’s Long Term Objective (LTO) is to reach full insurance on an RPI basis before 31 March 2027. A substantial proportion of the Scheme’s liabilities are already insured or closely matched via a range of different contracts and work is under way to take further steps to achieve the LTO, including:
  • Re-arrange the current investments to improve matching to the Scheme’s liabilities and to facilitate the purchase of further insurance policies;
  • Convert the existing longevity insurance contract into a fully insured RPI buy-in policy, subject to acceptable pricing;
  • Purchase additional insurance policies, to be held as assets of the Scheme, as and when benefits come into payment;
  • Minimise or avoid taking risks that are not necessary to achieve the LTO; and,
  • Regularly monitor the residual risks that might otherwise jeopardise the LTO.
Member Experience Ensure the confidence of beneficiaries and other stakeholders through effective, timely and supportive communication
Value for Money Ensure sound financial and administrative management and that all Scheme activities are undertaken in a manner which delivers value
Governance Maintain high standards of governance proportionate to the activities of the Scheme


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