Case studies

To help you understand how APS Discretionary Increases will apply to your pension, please click on a relevant case study example. Please note these are not real members of the scheme and the figures are only for illustrative purpose. You will need to refer back to your April 2019 Pension Increase Statement for your personal pension elements.

Case study (Bob) Bob retired before 2013 and his pension in payment includes a Guaranteed Minimum Pension

Case study (Jaya) Jaya retired before 2013, her pension in payment does not include a Guaranteed Minimum Pension but includes an AVC annuity'

Case study (Henry) Henry retired before 2013. His Guaranteed Minimum Pension came into effect between 2013 and 2019'

Case study (Ellen) Ellen drew her pension after April 2018. Her Guaranteed Minimum Pension came into effect straight away. Ellen’s pension also includes increasing and non-increasing pension elements


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