Changing circumstances

It is very important that you let us know if your circumstances change.

Online communications

Active Members, Deferred Pensioners and Pensioners who have registered for online communications can view and print personal statements by logging into the secure Mybapension online rather than receiving them by post. An email is sent to you if you have registered your email address whenever a new statement or news item is available to view on the website. The following statements are currently available for most members and pensioners:

Active Members - yearly personal benefit statements, AVC statements

Deferred Pensioners - yearly personal benefit statements, AVC statements

Pensioners - pension payslips, yearly pension increase statements, P60 certificates, AVC statements

You can register for online communications at any time by clicking the 'Register' button, then following the on-screen instructions. If you change your mind later you can opt to receive future communications by post by writing to BA pensions.

New! Online forms

As well as accessing many communications online a range of online forms, that submit your request directly to the Pensions team, are available within Mybapension online, providing members and pensioners with a faster and more convenient way to update their details, select Scheme options and to register details of their dependants. The forms currently available online are:

Online change of address

Pensioners and deferred pensioners (but not active members) can inform us of address changes online rather than in the post. Active members must still change their address via British Airways who hold their employment records rather than by contacting the Pension Scheme.

If you have not registered for online communications you must tell us your new postal address in writing for security reasons (either by sending us a letter, which you have signed, or by printing and sending the Notification of a change of address form).

Online Notice of Wish

A Notice of Wish lets the Trustee know who you would wish to receive any lump sum benefits that are due if you die. Lump sum death benefits mainly apply in respect of Active Members and Deferred pensioners (but can occasionally apply in respect of a Pensioner if no adult survivor’s pension is payable and the sum of pension payments is less than contributions paid with interest added). You can update your preferred beneficiaries for lump sum benefits at any time by submitting a new Notice of Wish.

Online Surviving Dependant Registration

If you have paid higher contributions to the Scheme to build up an Adult Survivor’s pension, this will be paid to your legal spouse or civil partner automatically if you die. If you are not married or in a civil partnership when you die, the Trustee can decide to pay the Adult Survivor’s pension to a ‘surviving dependant’. This could be a common-law spouse, partner, or someone else who meets the requirements under the Rules of the Scheme and who is financially dependent on you to a substantial extent. If you have someone who you would like the Trustee to consider for this pension in the event of your death, you can update the Trustee at any time by submitting a Surviving Dependant Registration.

  • If your name or if your bank/building society details have changed, please inform us immediately. When changing any of the payment details we hold for you, you must tell us in writing. You can download a payment instruction form, fill it in and send it to us by fax or post.
  • Please quote your pension reference number (this is printed on all personal correspondence we send to you) or your old BA staff number in all correspondence.
  • Changes in family circumstances should be supported with original birth/marriage/divorce/death documentation. Original documents will be returned to you (and should be sent to us) via Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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