The Trustees' long-term vision and strategic objectives for the Scheme

It's our role to make sure your BA pension scheme is managed in the best way for you, our members. Our vision and strategy are key to this. We want to enhance our status as a premier pension scheme, providing a high level of service and security to our members and we’ve developed Strategic Objectives to help deliver this:

Category Objective
Funding Improve the security of member benefits, future proof the Scheme’s funding strategy and be mindful of the Scheme’s long-term covenant
Investment and Risk Develop a strategy to significantly reduce overall risk over time whilst maintaining sufficient return to achieve the Funding Objectives and ensuring that risk is supported by the covenant
Member Experience Provide members with timely and accurate service using relevant and engaging channels of communication to assist informed financial decision making
Value for Money Drive efficiencies, automation and other developments to ensure Scheme activities deliver value for money
Governance Maintain appropriate standards of governance aligned to the activities of the Scheme
Opportunities Be confident all commercial and market-led opportunities that help to achieve the long term position are considered
Relationships Seek to approach relationships with all stakeholders in an open and collaborative way.


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