Changing circumstances

It is very important that you let us know if your circumstances change.

  • If your family circumstances have changed, for example if you have got married or divorced, you may want to change your Notice of Wish
  • If your name or if your bank/building society details have changed, please inform us immediately. When changing any of the payment details we hold for you, you must tell us in writing. You can download a payment instruction form, fill it in and send it to us by fax or post. Members who have registered for online communications can now inform us of address changes online rather than in the post. Simply login and click on 'Change postal address' in the 'My account' panel on the home page of 'Your benefits online'. If you have not registered for online communications you can do so at any time by clicking on 'register' at the top of the screen. Address changes can also be accepted in writing with a signature. For security reasons address changes cannot generally be accepted by email.
  • If you have registered for online communications you can update your postal address online by logging into the secure Mybapension online. If you have not registered for online communications you can do so simply by completing the Registration form. Or you must tell us your new postal address in writing for security reasons (either by sending us a letter, which you have signed, or by printing and sending the Notification of a change of address form).
  • Please quote your pension reference number (this is printed on all personal correspondence we send to you) or your old BA staff number in all correspondence.
  • Changes in family circumstances should be supported with original birth/marriage/divorce/death documentation. Original documents will be returned to you (and should be sent to us) via Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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