Claiming your deferred pension

Generally speaking, you must claim your deferred pension by contacting us around four months before your planned retirement date. We will write to you at the latest address we have for you on our records about four months before your Normal Retirement Age. If we cannot contact you and you leave your pension unclaimed for a long time after your Normal Retirement Age, you may lose it.

    Please make sure you tell us if you change your address. This is important not only for the reason mentioned above but also because we may need to send you information about changes to your Scheme.

    Deferred members who have registered for Online Communications can now inform us of address changes online rather than in the post. Simply login and click on 'Change postal address' in the 'My account' panel on the home page of 'Your benefits online'. If you have not registered for online communications you can do so at any time by clicking on 'register' at the top of the screen.

    Address changes can also be accepted in writing with a signature. For security reasons address changes cannot generally be accepted by email.

If you lose track of us, or if you think you may have benefits from another pension Scheme you have lost track of, you can contact The Pension Tracing Service through the GOV.UK website at or direct at Whitley Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1BA (phone: 0845 600 2537).


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