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Only complete this screen if you have not already registered for online communications.

If you have already registered, please Log in

Please enter an email address. We will send a confirmation link to this email address and you will need to click on the link to complete the registration process.

If you forget your password at any time we will send reset instructions to this address. This email address will also be used to reset your account should you forget your password at any point in the future.

Please do not register an internal email address. You should use an email account that can receive external emails.

Registration FAQs

The password provided in the letter we sent to you does not contain any of the following characters: “1”, “i”, uppercase i (“I”) or uppercase “L”. However, it may contain a lowercase L ("l"), square brackets "[ ]", curly brackets "{ }" or tilde “~” amongst others. Also check that your ‘CAPSLOCK’ button on the keyboard is not switched on – the password is case sensitive.

It may also help to type your password in a Microsoft Word document so that you can see that it exactly matches the password shown on your registration letter, and then copy and paste it into the password box on the website. This will also save you time as you will be prompted to enter this password again when changing your current password to a more memorable one.

You may also have successfully registered and therefore please check your personal email including your spam or junk email folder to see whether you have received our confirmation email. If you have already received the confirmation email and have clicked on the link, you should be able to go to the log in screen and enter your 7-digit pension reference number and password to log in.


Your email programme may have put the email confirmation in a ‘Junk’ or ‘spam’ mail folder. Please check all your mail folders (including the deleted items folder). You may also have a security filter set to remove any unwanted emails and you may need to add '' to the ‘safe senders’ list in the security settings of your email program (or as one of your ‘contacts’) before re-entering your details on the registration page. This will send a new confirmation email.


The email confirmation contains a confirmation link. Click on the link once and you will be brought back to this website and you should be informed that your registration is complete. You can then log in using your 7-digit reference number and password. The first time you log in you will be prompted to change this password to a different password of your choice.


The password you should use to register on the website is the one provided in your original registration letter or any reminder letter we have sent to you. If you have already registered and have changed your password but cannot remember this then please click ‘Forgotten your password’. Enter your 7-digit pension reference number and click the ‘Send me reset account instructions’ button. Instructions on how to reset your password will then be emailed to the email address you registered previously.


Until you change it, your current password will be the one shown in the registration letter sent to you. However, if you have already changed that password to a more memorable, personal one then the current password is your personal password. If you have forgotten this password, please click Forgotten your password.


Click on the ‘123’ button on the left hand side of the iPad keyboard, then click on ‘#+=‘ button to find the additional symbols.


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