I'm changing jobs

If you move from Flying Staff to Ground Staff or vice versa your Normal Retirement Age, pension Build-up rate and pension Contribution rate will change.

Before you change occupations you have two choices.

  1. Keep aside the APS pension that has built up for your Pensionable Service in your old occupation. Then start a separate pension in the new occupation. Your new pension would be in the NAPS Scheme not the APS Scheme. If you do not want to join NAPS you can apply to join the British Airways Pension Plan (BAPP) for future service. Visit the 'Reward@BA' section of the BA intranet for full details of BAPP and how to apply for membership.
  2. Convert your previous Pensionable Service to Pensionable Service in your new occupation. Your previous Pensionable Service will be adjusted to reflect any differences between the Build-up rates and Normal Retirement Age.

If you change from Flying Staff to Ground Staff at or after Normal Retirement Age you can:

  1. convert your Flying Staff service to Ground Staff service in APS
  2. take a pension for your Flying Staff service and draw this straight away or defer it until you finally retire. You can start building up a pension in NAPS or BAPP for future service.

Normal Retirement:

Ground Staff – Age 60

Flying Staff – Age 55


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