Who are the Trustee Directors?

The Trustee Directors are those who have been appointed or elected to manage the Trust on your behalf.

NAPS Trustee Directors Appointed / elected Voting category
Neil Blackburn Elected Cabin Crew
Ian Bretherton Elected Pilots
Neil Cottrell Elected Pensioners
Peter Lynam Selected Pensioners
Dave Southcott Elected Ground Staff
Jack Wheale Elected Pensioners
Wayne Phelan (representing Vidett Trust Corporation Limited formerly PSGS Trust Corporation Limited) BA appointed Independent Trustee Chair
Natasha Franklin BA appointed Associate General Counsel – Competition & Compliance (BA)
Simon Philcox BA appointed Head of Finance (BA)
Ian Romanis BA appointed Director of Retail & CRM, Global Customer Engagement (BA)
Oliver Sleath BA appointed Director of Strategy (BA)
Tom Stoddart BA appointed CEO BA Cityflyer, BA Euroflyer (BA)

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